Send Your Earnest Money Deposit (EMD)

Briel PC is excited to introduce ZOCCAM, a digital EMD delivery app. You and/or your clients will be able to instantly and securely transmit the Earnest Money Deposit directly to Briel PC. Zoccam uses secure mobile remote deposit capture technology, similar to what you may use with electronic banking and check deposit apps.

The Zoccam app is available for both iOS and Android and requires a working camera. Click the links below to download the app to your phone or tablet.

Download on the Apple App Store
Android App on the Google Play store

After downloading the App:

  1. Open the app and register with your name and email address (plus your driver’s license number, if applicable).
  2. Verify your device by entering the PIN sent via SMS text, then create an 8-digit numeric passcode.
  3. Select “Capture” on the home screen, then select “Earnest Money”. Type “Briel PC” into the search bar, and you will see the Briel PC logo. Select us as the escrow agent recipient, then choose the state in which the property is located. 
  4. Prepare your EMD check. Capture the front and back of your check on a dark, flat surface that is well lit.
  5. Once the app has captured the image, you will automatically see a success message confirming the transaction. The app sends the funds directly to Briel PC, and all parties will also receive an email notification.

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